Making Democracy Work

City of Missoula

City of Missoula
Missoula has self-governing powers, which give the city all authority not specifically prohibited by the Legislature. Missoula has a mayor/council form of government. Twelve council members are elected in a non-partisan election in odd numbered years on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November. Terms are 4 years, with one council member elected each election.
The Council meets Monday, 7 P.M. in City Council chambers, 140 W. Pine and is televised live on MCAT.
City offices are located at:
435 Ryman Street
Missoula, MT 59802.

John Engen 406-552-6001

City Council

Ward 1

Bryan von Lussberg 406-258-1857
Heidi West 406-747-9158

Ward 2 Mirtha Beccera 406- 546-7900
Jordan Hess 406-552-4050

Ward 3

Heather Harp 406-550-0786
Gwen Jones 406-549-3295

Ward 4

John DiBari 406-274-7337
Jesse Ramos 406-334-0785
Ward 5
Stacie Anderson 406-282-4662
Julie Armstrong 406-426-1530
Ward 6
Michelle Cares 406-215-1905
Julie Merrit 406-207-2358

Neighborhood Councils Missoula is divided into 18 districts. Each district selects a leadership team to do administrative work and sends a representative to the city's community forum to advise city officials on local issues and concerns. Forum meets on the 4th Thursday, 7:00 p.m. in City Council chambers, 14 W. Pine St. staff phone: 552-6081